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Hello Everybody!

I discovered mechanical things at a young age growing up on a farm in Lee, NH.  Being a hands on learner, bicycles were the perfect fit.  I somehow got the OK from my parents to ride my 24" wheel drop bar Bridgestone to elementary school by 5th grade.  

While in middle school, I was lucky enough to help out/work for Mike Farrell of Durham Bike after my allergy shots.  During my breaks at boarding high school, I worked at Durham Bike and for John Gromek of Exeter Cycles.  Learning to road and crit race as a Junior and the world of "ATB" aka mountain bikes was the newest craze took a firm hold on me.

I moved to Flagstaff August 1992, attended and graduated NAU while working in the automotive segment of the area.  

I moved to Salida, Colorado, in April of 1999 to work for Shawn Gillis of Absolute Bikes as the head mechanic and trail guide.  I retired on January 21st, 2019 so I could focus on January 30th, 2019 when I donated my right kidney to a best friend of mine at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Az.         

Spinnin' Wrenches

I have raced mountain and road with minimal success for many decades.  I realized I am a better mechanic than racer and that has led me to work local, high school, state, regional, collegiate, national, world cycling events, including saving vacations since the spring of 1999.  I have had the pleasure of working for Shimano, Mavic, Team USA Cycling, and am one of the neutral mechanics for the Colorado High School Cycling League since 2016.   

I am a USA Cycling certified and licensed mechanic, passed many Sram Technical, Specialized, and Trek University's, PBMA member, Park Tool Summit, Shimano, Bosch, Fox training, and many more certifications.  

Di2 to Bendix, tubular to tubeless, rigid to suspension, skinny to fat, 24 to 48 hole, LeRun to Deja Tu; all are super fun.  

I have helped many of you to get dialed for your big races and events like the VT125, TDR, Leadville 100, CTR, AZT, ATR, Trans Am, Breck 100, Ride The Rockies, Bicycle Colorado, and many more.    

What really makes me happy is that I have been making so many of you bicycle riders happier, lighter, faster, more efficient with bigger grins and louder laughter. 


I love what I do, I am passionate working on bicycles of all types, building wheels, detailed, loyal to my clients, and brands I work with.   

During May of 2019, I was able to put many pieces together, with the help of a lot of you and start this bicycle service specific business.  

                   Mindful service for the customer.


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